Pumpkin Stuff began when my husband took his pumpkin carving show on the road.

Deane was repeatedly asked if there was a way to preserve his pumpkins. I had been making earrings and stuffed pumpkins to sell at his events and those had been quite popular. We blended the two ideas into the Face Pumpkins that we have today. Each face is from an original pumpkin carving. No two carvings or stuffed pumpkins are the same. Although there may be duplicate faces, the fabrics that have been chosen for each pumpkin are different. The pumpkin you choose for yourself is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Face Pumpkins were very popular each October at The Enchanted Pumpkin Garden in Carefree, Arizona, where they were available from 2017-2019. We added burlap pumpkins in 2018, and in 2019 feed and grainsack pumpkins to go with your French country or farmhouse style decor.

The soaps are handmade from natural ingredients. I’ve been a soapmaker for over 20 years and a quiltmaker for even longer. Pumpkin Stuff gives me the chance to offer these things to you in the same place. Other soaps can be found at my sister site www.genoasoap.com. Deane’s pumpkins can be seen at Facebook and Instagram.

Home page photo credits: Pumpkin face – Deane Arnold, Mice – Villafane Studios, Photo – Herbert Hitchon